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While much of the sale will dispose of run-of-the-mill desks, chairs and tables, Melvin said he expects active bidding on the more unusual items that once hung on the walls of the offices. For example, there's the gleaming frame of platinum records to celebrate the 8 million recordings the chain sold in the days before music was downloaded over the Internet. Other items include desktop crosses, inspirational posters, laptop computers, extension cords, product tables, store fixtures, mannequins and cubicles - lots of cubicles. Melvin, whose company conducts 30 to 50 sales a year, said most of the high-tech material handling equipment for the company's e-commerce operations was sold earlier to give the buyers time to dismantle their purchases. Automated equipment used to store, sort and pick products for e-commerce applications are in high demand, Melvin said. Liquid Asset Partner's catalog for Family Christian Stores will go online this week. Interested bidders can inspect the auction items onsite on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Online bidding will conclude on Monday, April 24.

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The two unnamed suspects, the only ones to have been arrested, were also told they face no further action. Operation Conifer has been examining the claims since appealing for alleged victims to come forward in summer 2015. The former Conservative prime minister died at his home in Salisbury in July 2005, aged 89. Operation Conifer was set up after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) began to investigate alleged historical corruption. Information from a retired officer sparked concerns that Wiltshire Police had deliberately caused a criminal prosecution against a suspected brothel keeper to fail in 1994. But last year the IPCC said it had found no evidence the case was dropped because she had threatened to make allegations against Sir Edward. In December, Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Mike Veale wrote a public letter to "set the record straight" about the investigation. Mr Veale said the probe was "complex and multi-stranded" and was "not a fishing trip or witch-hunt". He stressed he took his responsibilities of operational independence "very seriously" and said he would not be "buckling under pressure not to investigate or to conclude the investigation prematurely".